International Exchange

The goal of international exchange project is to make sustainable achievement for Asian's common future by active cooperation and exchange among civil societies in various Asia countries

Ecopeace Asia is conducting diverse kinds of exchange projects like R&D, case study, experience with colorful groups, citizens, experts and international organization(UNCCD)   


UNCCD's official CSO, for combating desertification

Since 2003, Ecopeace Asia has restored about 5,289 ha of desertificated area in China 

We have officially registered in UNCCD to share our know-how on combating desertification and increase the size of our project through cooperation with gloabl civil societies and environmental organizations. Currently we are focusing on promoting our exemplary combating desertification project as a CSO network co-representative organization, affecting many activities of global groups

Network reinforcement for professional research on combating desertification in East Asia

Desertification in East Asia is main target of our joint comparative study on meadows. In the analysis, we classified the condition and progress of desertification in China and Mongolia. Given that this research work was much extensive, we cooperated environmetnal organizations and local government and research institution in China and Mongolia.

Particulary, the combating desertification study on alkali lake in Qagan Nor(Inner Mogolia of China and analysis on sustainable model for Dashinchilen sum(Bulgan aymag, Mongolia) has traced and found out the cause of desertification in a macroscopic perspective through satellite picture analysis, producing vegetation distribution chart and bird's-eye-view, information session between experts and local. These activities were reproduced and distributed for Enlglish version during the 10th UNCCD COP10, and presented at the OPEN Dialog Session 

Exchange extension among environmental education activitists and groups by seminar and learning session on ecology

There are increasingly growing interests for environmental education in Asian countries

Environmental educators in China, especailly, hope to make human, material exchange with Korea to get its advanced contents and infrastructure for envrionmental education. For that reason, we has built network using our branch office in Beijing(China) for hundreds of Chinese environmentalists. Futhermore, we will be implementing same progress to other Asian countries including Philippines where our 2nd branch office is located

Ecological educative play for better understanding of ecosystem

Since 2014, we has proceeded 5times of ecological educative play program for begginer's class targeting those interested in Korea's environmental educations 

It has brought big impressions and enjoy to participants, as ecological educative play does not require deep knowledge or expertise but only offer 50 kinds of nature experiential program. In addition, we are planning to develop middle/professional level for the courses of ecological education program.

Development of Eco-experiential program based on Eco-voluntourism

Ecopeace Asia will be designing various eco-experiential program conjoined with global volunterring program, since our capacity of networking has been upgraded. Theses programs will be able to let people around the Asia feel the severity of climate changes and importance of ecosystem,

One of the efforts, we use oline ecological education tools such as Ecopeace Asia homepage, naver happybean page, SNS(facebook) for better communication and transparancy