Global volunteering

Global environmental volunteering project is to enhance peoples understanding of the value of the nature and environmental problems, with changes in their actions and ecological thinking. For that reason. we have been recruiting global volunteers for combating desertification project and mangrove restoration project in china since 2005

Furthermore, we offer the volunteers chances learning global etiquette and mature attitude for international cooperation by global environmental volunteering 

Challenges & Goal

Creative Global Ecopeace Leadership

The goal of global volunteering is to strengthen bond among Asian countries through voluntary activities and academic exchanges for the common future of Asian. One of the pioneering environmenal NGO in Korea, we provide Korean & China university students chances that make them being creative global leader with passion, understanding of various cultures and faithfulness, adding enhancement of nation brand of Korea  

Improving people's recognition on international cooperation

Ecopeace Asia's numerous volunteers work hard every year to protect the ecosystem in many countries of Asia, especially for the countries where its people are suffred from barren, intolerable environment. By our gloabal volunteering, participants can directly feel the importance of global cooperation and supprot from envrionmentally advanced countries including Korea, which will bring the improvement of people's recognition on international cooperation for environmental movement

1,315 of global volunteers for envrionmental activities

Until now, 1,320 of global volunteers have been participated in Ecopeace Asia's combating deserticifation projects and mangrove restoration projects in China. Particulary, for the combating desertification projects, they have achieved 176.3 km of wall of trees to let the seeds from the wind spontaneously grow in.

Participants for the global volunteering share their experiences and discuss what they more can do for the nature, taking further steps for envrionmental-friendly thinking and action.

  • Number of volunteers : Happymove 1,249 + Jeonbuk Province 35 + Mangrove Restoraton 28 
  • Posting times : Happymove 7 + Jeonbuk Province 2 + Mangrove Restoration 2

One with nature, Peaceful Asia, the Ecopeace Asia

The location for our global volunteering project will be expanded to other Asian countries such as Mongolia, Philippines, Vietnam, where Ecopeace Asia's various projects are being implemented, including agroforestry project, dissemination of environmental appropriate technology. 

we are hoping to solve the environmental problems with more countries, citizens for sustainable, symbiotic and peaceful Asia

Project Outline

2005 ~ Now ㅣ Global Volunteering Project for Combating Desertification 

Project Area
  • Abga Qi & Zhenglan Qi, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China 
Project Goal 
  • Practical achievement toward common future of Asian
  • Cultivating global youth leader for future international cooperation project
  • Building network between combating desertification civil society of Korea and China  
Main Activities 
  • Construction of walls of tree in dersertificated area
  • Ecological program (such as seminar on local ecology, vegetation ; ecological game ; lecture on constellation)
  • Traditional culture experience of Mongolia (such as horse riding, archery, conversation with pastoralist, experienc of pastoralist's daily life) 
  • Sports competition, cultural exchanges
  • Historic site visits (such as the Great Wall of China, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen, Front Gate, Forbidden City in Beijing)

2011 ~ Now ㅣ Global Volunteering Project for Mangrove Ecological Restorations

Project Area
  •  Xiamen Ardeidae Reserve & Zhangzhou, Fujian  and Maipo Nature Reserve, Hong Kong, China
Project Goal
  • Ecological experience through volunteering in mangrove restoration project
  • Cultivating global youth leader for coastal ecosystem reservation and climate change adaptation program in Asia
  • Building network between ecological restoration civil sociery of Korea and China
Main Activities
  • Planting mangrove seedling
  • Field research on waterfowl
  • Visit and lecture for marshes in Hong Kong, China
  • Meeting with major marsh conservation organization in Hong Kong, China