Combating Desertification

Combating Desertification Project is to fundamentally prevent cause of the increasingly serious yellow dust blowing from China to Korea, by preserving desertification of grassland  in the China's Inner Mongolia region.

Challenges & Goals

Preventation of 1.4 tons of yellow dust every year

China's Inner Mongolia grassland region has shortages of annual precipitation(200~250mm/yr) for spontaneous growh of tree. Therefore, Ecopeace Asia has selected 'Suaeda glauca (Bunge)', the local wild plants to make it cover the desertificated land to prevent desertification and yellow dust, as it is able to hold 2.65g of air elutoriator by only its area of 1㎠. Also it does not require water a lot making maintenance work easier. 



Grass land restoration of 5,289 ha 

The Korea's yellow dust problems and desertification phenomenon are deeply connected. To solve the problem, we have restored 5,289 ha of grass land in China Since 2003. 

Our efforts has realized in receiving 'SEE·TNC Green Leader Award', which is most prestigious ecology awards ceremony in China, for the first time for foreign NGOs . The Korean environmental NGO's hearty activities can bring exemplary project model for nature conservation to China governments   



Ecological restoration of the nature, by the nature, for the nature

The most important thing in our ecological restoration project is finding and using proper method for local ecosystem. For this goal, we utilize the resilience of Suaeda glauca Bunge, which is local grass land plants in Inner Mongolia (China).  Suaeda glauca Bunge has great effects on decreasing pH concentration, temperature and water evaporation of soil. In addition, we are developing other nature-using method for ecological restoration such as Chinese tamarisk.


Know-how of 13 yrs in combating desertificaton projects

Our combating desertification projects has been successful, for these are based on networking know-how prioritizing acquring and analyzing data of local ecosystem. We has inter-connected network with local governments, residents and experts in China. Espeacially, we has consistently been co-working with prestigious chniese experts on desertification, yellow dust and grass land restoration.

As a matter of fact, Ecopeace Asia is officially registered CSO for UNCCD   


Project Outline

2003~2007ㅣ Jilin Project

Project Area
  • Northwest region in Jilin, China
Project Content
  • Grass land restoration by sowing Suaeda glauca Bunge and local perennation plants.
Project Results
  • Grass land restoration 
Main Activities
  • - Sowing Suaeda glauca Bunge and local perennation plants
  • - Building tree walls
  • - Harvesting Suaeda glauca Bunge

2006~2007ㅣ Manduh Project(East Ujimqin Qi, Xilin Gol Meng, Inner Mongolia)

Project Area
  • Arxiot/ Ulan mangha , East Ujimqin Qi, Xilin Gol Meng, inner mongolia
What we do
  • Establishment of grassland by planting salt-alkali tolerant plants like Suaeda Asparagoides and perennials on the white bottom of the lake
  • Total Restoration Area: 10km2
Main Activities
  • - Planting Suaeda Asparagoides
  • - Establishment of Sand Walls 
  • - Harvest of Suaeda Asparagoides

2008~2013ㅣ Qagan Nor Anti-Desertification Project (Hyundai Green Zone I)

Project Area
  • Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Xilin Gol League, Abga Qi, Qagan Nor
What we do
  • Establishment of grassland by planting salt-alkali tolerant plants like Suaeda Asparagoides on the white bottom of the lake
  • Total Restoration Area: 50km2
Main Activities
  • - Planting Suaeda Asparagoides
  • - Establishment of Sand Walls 
  • - Harvest of Suaeda Asparagoides
  • - Science Evaluation Meeting for Qagan Nor Anti-Desertification Project
  • - Presentation the achievement of the China Anti-Desertification Project at ODS session in UNCCD COP 10

2014~2018ㅣZhenglanqi Anti-Desertification Project (Hyundai Green Zone II)

Project Area
  • Zhenglanqi, Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia, China 
What we do
  • Establishment of grassland by planting salt-alkali tolerant plants like Suaeda Asparagoides 
Purpose of the Project
  • Anti-Desertification and Establishment of sustainable grassland
Expected Results
  • Preventing Alkali Yellow Dust and Combating  desertification
Main Activities
  • - Planting Suaeda Asparagoides and perennials
  • - Establishment of sand walls
  • - Harvest of Suaeda Asparagoides and Planting reed
  • - Operating training course to transfer the planting skills for pastoralist in the region
  • - Production of pictorial guide to protect grassland in Inner Mongolia



2008~2012 Ecopeace Asia-Hyundai-motor Chagan Nor Project